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We are often asked if entertainment rigging is considered “construction” work?

Although there has been much debate over the years about this subject as each day passes it would appear that in both the eyes of the entertainment industry and regulators that the answer is YES, especially at certain times.

Please follow the link to get a lawyer's perspective.

Many of our clients ask why we require a Dogger’s Licence as a pre-requisite for undertaking a Crane Operator’s course.

First of all let me make it clear that this pre-requisite is of our own determination. There is no legal (i.e. workplace health and safety) requirement to have a dogger’s certificate or licence as a crane operator. So why do we impose this requirement on our trainees?

Firstly, it is important for a crane operator to understand what is happening at the “hook end” of the crane. Getting a signal to hoist up or down and then just engaging the drive and letting her rip is not the skill. Often the dogger or rigger will just be adjusting the position of the load or slings prior to a lift. If you have experience as a dogger or rigger you know what they have to do and how they are likely to go about it. This experience is invaluable in order for you (and the crane) to work as part of the team.

Secondly, an employer likes to know that you have this experience or to put it another way - just having a crane operator’s licence will not guarantee that you get the job.

And lastly, a lot of the crane operator’s course deals with issues relating to dogging and we prefer to review and revise this information rather than re-teach it. This also allows us to concentrate with greater effect on the practical aspects of the course

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